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Desiqtie's Fic Journal

...may include other rantings...

Soo, I made an LJ a short while ago, mainly because I was running out of stories to read on ffnet. Hrm, about me, well...I'm 24 years old, I love chocolate and coffee, and I've been reading fiction since before the first HP book came out. I'm on ffnet and I have the same username (desiqtie) where I have some stories up.

I'm much more into reading than writing...:-D! Hrm, what else...oh, I am in med school so RL is extremely hectic! There are times I'll be online everyday and then sometimes I go for months unable to get on! :-)! I'm a pretty friendly person so feel free to drop me a line and to friend me! :-)!

UPDATE: I am living in a country which DOES NOT allow access to LJ - pleaaase do not contact me or post on my LJ - I will not see it or be able to reply. I can be contacted via PM on my ffnet account or via neomail (for N_A members) at my neopets account.
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